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When Criticism of faith and the freedom to offend is outlawed by the Politically Correct Militia. Bella and her gang of cyber punks push Darwinism door to door.

But with violent agnostic thugs in the street, and the terrorist “Atheist Revolutionary Army” attacking the liberal establishment. Bella and her friends are driven underground into a dark fetish existence, where the future and the past collide, allegiances are strained, and old scores must be settled. In this frighteningly bizarre and surreal feature film.

Full on gothsploitation

This is a truly independent film. Created by a bunch of friends about freedom of expression when all around us freedoms are being suppressed by those who claim to be offended.
Cast with real life characters, performers and #gothgirls from London’s Alternative scene, “Learning Hebrew: A Gothsploitation Movie” is a dark surreal comedy unlike any you will have seen before, loud, colourful and complicated, but its more than that, it is a warning you cant afford to ignore.

If you like hot atheist gothgirls, and anti religious fetish acts, with flash backs to Roman occupied Jerusalem, if you want intelligence humor and sex, you need to see this Movie. Christian Watch said it was “a tidal wave of filth and sin”, so you really need to see this Movie.


Metal Mouth “Learning Hebrew….is a film shot with inside knowledge, made by people who are a part of this culture and understand what music to use”

Aron Ra Free Thought Blogger “I sometimes like really unique, original independent cult films, and this one is a bit on the weird side of strange”

Lost in the Multiplex “I Claudius meets Jubilee” 

Mondo Squallido “These guys really know what they’re talking about” 



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